About JSA


Soccer has long been a popular pastime for our community members. Games and matches were being played for many years however it was not until the summer of '93 that a few group of dedicated individuals set about forming a competitive, organized league and Ja'ffari Soccer Association was born.

The home ground and turf was laid out at the newly acquired Ja'ffari Islamic Community Centre, 9000 Bathurst, thanks to the generosity of some kind donors. The inaugural season saw a four team format of 48 players battle it out for the first JSA Championship with Team Blue emerging as the victorious team.

As each year passed, participation and popularity of the league kept on growing to a point when a double-field was required to accommodate the 100+ players and 6 teams. As construction on the project began at JICC, Bayview Reservoir and John Button have become our new field of dreams, whilst we wait in earnest to return to our home ground.

Over the past few years, Toronto has also begun to participate in continental and international tournaments and JSA has also inspired an equally competitive indoor league. Players from 16 to 50+ have caught FIFA Fever and come together every Sunday morning during the summer to claim the JSA League Cup and JSA Champions Cup.

JSA is grateful to all of its supporters, past & present Commissioners and Management teams. Their selfless efforts and dedication has ensured that the league continues to grow. Most importantly, JSA has and will always continue to foster Brotherhood, Unity and Friendship. Your continued participation is what keeps the ball in the air!