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Boys v Men- The TEAMS!

After numerous arguments and a pains-taking refining process, the captains in charge of the two teams have finally made their selection of 16-17 players for the special Boys v. Men game that will take place this Saturday 28th August, 2010.


The Winning Formula of the Ahwaz Griffins

Our success in the JSA playoffs really came down to one important factor, we were hungry. Not hungry in the sense that both the semi and the final were played at iftaar time, but hungry for victory and all the glory and recognition that comes with it. Our drive was only made more resolute by our seeding in the playoffs.


Special Event: Boys v Men

Now that the season and play-off games are over, our members sit in their homes twiddling their thumbs. We have allocated the time this season to host a series of special events for 2010 and after conducting a poll (click here to view); JSA members have voted, and the league will provide an entertaining Boys v Men special event.



Key Elements to Team Ahed’s winning Regular Season

Disclaimer: The following article is strictly for success in the regular season and not the playoffs—the author must differ to captains with more successful playoff experience (Hassnain Abbas, Sajjad Najrali, Saqlain Dhirani, Mo. Imran Amirali, Javad Champsi, Mo. Mandan, Hamed Zahedi)

The following five points identify the key elements to Team Ahed’s winning season.


JSA 2010 Play-off Finals

Rookie captains Mohamed Imran Amirali of the Manama Titans and Mohammed Mandan of the Ahwaz Griffins have proven their ability to take their team to the finals! The two teams will square off on Friday August 20th, 2010 at Milliken Mills Park in Markham. All JSA members and spectators are invited to attend and cheer-on their respective team of choice. There will be no trophy ceremony on the same day due to the lack of available time.


Stay Tuned to Updates

The JSA season has almost come to an end, and this season was different.

Every attempt was made to make this season more exciting, better organized, and appropriately rewarding when compared to the previous seasons. We've played the quarter finals and just completed the semi finals.


World Cup Live at the MIC/JCC for Everyone!

Community news

A community Event: On Saturday, July 10th, 2010 and Sunday, July 11th, 2010 at 12:00pm, the Jaffari Islamic Youth (JIY) group of Toronto in collaboration with the Masumeen Youth Committee (MYC) of Brampton will be hosting the 3rd Place and Finals of the World Cup. Regardless of the age, male or female, we welcome all the youth and adults to participate in such a fastidious event.

This will be the largest event to date, since the inception of the current JIY executive committee. After a number of years, this will be the first event to join hands with our fellow neighbors, the MYC. Transportation is included with your package.

Evolution of Soccer Tech

WC PictorialHere is an interesting tech-bit on soccer, and a wonderful pictorial as well.

"Soccer may seem the least tech-dependent game there is; all that's required are feet and a ball. But even our most analog sport has benefited from technological advances as far back as the first World Cup in 1930.


Manama Player to Miss Next Game

Carded PlayersHasan Dharamshi of the Manama Titans will miss his game on Sunday 13th of June.

Only the second player to receive a 'missing game' status for obtaining two yellow cards in the league season. Multiple unconfirmed reports indicate Hasan Dharamsi received his second yellow for head-butting (click to see footage) the opposing player.


TRADE: Ahwaz Griffins and Saba Strikers

jsa-trade-talk(Ahwaz Griffins)Logo-Ahwaz-Griffins(Saba Strikers)Logo-Saba-StrikersPlayers: Shabbir Esmail for Zuhair Karim.

Yet another very last minute trade between Captain Hasanain Abbas and Mohamed Mandan who was overheard saying I want my team to be a family... literally. Wink 


Esfahan Players Carded

Carded PlayersMazahir Najarali (2 yellows in a game) and Sajjad Najarali (2 consequitive yellows) will miss their games on Sunday 6th of June.

In the 67th minute of a heated JSA soccer match between Esfahan Lions and Kadmiya Falcons, Esfahan Lion's player Mazahir Najarali got a second yellow and an automatic red card for an over-aggressive tackle. The referee was having a field day with the cards as a total of 5 cards were awarded in the game.


Ahwaz Boss Demands Luxury

ahwaz-boss-demands-luxuryDiva Mohamed Mandan not happy with bog-standard toilets! Ahwaz boss demands luxury at training base in Markham.

Mandan has demanded two state-of-the-art bidet toilets be installed for him at Ahwaz home base in Markham Ontario.

Builders were rushed in to carry out a £1,400 overhaul of the football legend's private suite after his aides complained that the existing bathroom facilities would not meet his 'high standards.'


JSA – May Round-up

JSA-Round-up-ReportThis week saw the Manama Titans defy all odds as they scored more than one goal and saw off Ansar 4-1!

A determined defensive performance was undoubtedly what gave the Titans their edge.  To complement their superb defence, Manama strikers finally broke out of their shell. After notching a double, one flamboyant Manama striker was quoted as saying: “I am here to silence all my critics and play football. I could play barefoot and still make defenders dizzy”. 


TRADE: Manama Titans & Kadmiya Falcons

(Manama Titans)Logo-Manama-Titans(Kadmiya Falcons)Logo-Kadmiya-FalconsPlayers: Kazim Fazal for Ali Al-Wasity.

Another very last minute trade by Manama Titans and Kamiya Falcons. This time it was different. Kadmiya Falcon's star goalie, Mehdi Saloum suffered an occupational threatening injury to the knee after a collision with no other than Imran Virji of Ahwaz Griffins. Kazim Fazal now takes his place as Kadmiya's starting goalie.


TRADE: Manama Titans & Ansar Wolves

Trade  Talks(Manama Titans)Logo-Manama-Titans(Ansar Wolves)Logo-Ansar-WolvesPlayers: Sajjad Khalfan and Ayser Khalid for Aamer Razack and Arif Asaria.

A last minute trade by Manama Titans and Ansar Wolves for JSA's 3rd week. After viewing the "Trade Talk" Section it seems that the only two teams that haven't been involved in a trade this year are the Ahed Spartans and Ahwaz Griffins. Captains for both teams seem to feel that their teams are perfect and require no changes to the roster.


TRADE: Misan Stallions & Saba Strikers

Trade Talks(Misan Stallions)Logo-Misan-Stallions(Saba Strikers)Logo-Saba-StrikersPlayers: Mohamed Hussein Riyaz Railey and Zeeshan Ali for Habib-Ali Jaffer and Mazaher Rajani

Yet another trade this season. This time involving Captain Jawad Champsi and Hasnain Abbas. Each team looks towards improving their line-ups and eventually their standing and opportunity to win the season.


TRADE: Ansar Wolves & Esfahan Lions

Trade Talks(Ansar Wolves)Logo-Ansar-Wolves(Esfahan Lions)Esfahan
Players: Mujahid Rajani and Hasanain Panju Sr. for Aamer Razack and Hassan Syed

The second trade this season! Yet again, team captain Sajjad Najarali of the Esfahan Lions leads the season in trading even more players.


Here are the pictures of the 2010 JSA Summer season. One picture may have been Photoshoped...


JSA Game Day 1


The long awaited JSA season finally kicked off today under harsh conditions. Players woke up to see what seems to be the beginning of a new Ice Age with -4 Celsius temperatures (that’s -37 Celsius with wind and -63 Celsius in shorts) and snow filling the grey skies.

The early games had Esfahan playing Ahed and Ansar squaring off against Kadmiya.


The First trade in 2010

Trade Talks(Misan Stallions)Misan(Esfahan Lions)Esfahan
Players: Richie Patel (Misan Stallions) for Osman Awan (Esfahan Lions)

The first trade this season! It could be a fantasy football trade in any office in Canada — only these trades are real.


2010 JSA Draft

JSA 2010 DraftThe highly anticipated invite only 2010 JSA Draft took place at abandoned warehouse in Markham on Friday, 16th April

The stakes were high, 8 captains and 128 players competing for the coveted JSA League Championship and Playoff titles.

With three first time captain involved in the draft, there was a certain unpredictability involved.


Msg. from PROMO MOMO

Momender MohindarAfter last season, the management at (JSA) Jaffari Soccer Association approached the Public Relations personnel at MOMO (Momender Mohindar) Enterprise to help expand their organization.

After consultation with the board of directors and our accountants at MOMO we accepted the lucrative offer (unable to disclose due to JSA regulation). After months of research we realized that the JSA brand was not globally recognized and they had a webpage which was not user friendly.


FIFA World Cup - 25 facts you need to know

FIFA 25 Facts25 facts about the FIFA World Cup™

  1. The FIFA World Cup™ trophy is a challenge cup that remains in the permanent possession of FIFA. Made of 18-carat gold for the 1974 tournament, it is 36.8cm high and weighs 6.175kg. The base has space for 17 inscriptions, which will suffice until the 2038 FIFA World Cup™. The winning association receives a replica until the next tournament but this is “only” gold-plated.

Special Soccer Games

JSA Special EventsWhat's new and different to the regular seasons we have had in the past?

More events! Each year we are content with playing our regular league games and setting standards to win the play-offs. That remains the same this year but there are many players who would love to see more. Others would like to participate on a different level. For this very reason we have booked even more fields this year.


Team Logos!

Wicked Team LOGOS!Have you seen the new JSA team logos?

Yes yes yes! each team now has a logo. Why? well it helps create awareness and we hope it will help players remember the teams. In the past we simply had team names and there was always some confusion with remembering or associating them with the players. Now we hope to change all of that.



We Are LIVE!

We ARE LIVE!!!After a long and anticipated wait, the new JSA soccer web site is live.

The new website will feature updated events and news about the league in addition to a new stylized format for presenting the league games, statistics and player information. The aim is to have a web site that is frequently updated and presents a base for players and members to interact and stay aware of current events.


JSA Captains/Reps!

JSA-CaptainsAll soccer teams need a player who can lead both on and off the field for that team to have a chance at any championship.

This is the job of the team captain, and good JSA captain must command the respect of his fellow players and completely know every single play and formation. This year we have the likes of such captains - those who will be able to guide their teammates as well as kick them in the rear when necessary.


Registration Update

2010 Registration ReportJSA 2010 registration process has been a success and is now complete.

We managed to register approximately 90 players within the first 4-5 days of making the registration page live. To capacitate a total of 8 teams we managed to get 16 players per team including the 8 required goalie positions for a total of 128 players. This concludes this year's registration process however, you may still register...


2016 JR. Season Table

Team Played Points
1 MISAN JR. Stallions 9 21
2 KADMIYA JR. Falcons 9 21
3 ESFAHAN JR. Lions 9 6
4 ANSAR JR. Wolves 9 6

2016 JR. Next Matches