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JSA Playoff Finals 2011

JSA-2011-Playoff-finalsThe JSA Playoff finals are scheduled to be played on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011. The 2 finalists will be Kadmiya Falcons and Ansar Wolves, both who competed for the first place spot in the league. It will certainly be an intersting game and all are invited to attend and enjoy the game.


2011 Playoffs and more

The 2011 league season has come to an end and we have just managed to squeeze in the play-off games. After several field cancellations during the month of May that were imposed by the city, we have managed to end the season and look forward to the playoffs.


JSA July 17th week round-up

JSA-2011-july17JSA July 17th week round-up

With the Areezas finished and ammals done, players were ready for some football. Unfortunately someone must’ve asked for an extra dark tan as the temperature on Sunday was dreadfully hot. Perhaps it was the temperature which caused some people not to show up as the two early games featured teams which were short.



JSA-2011-LightsOutLights Out

Match 1: Kadmiya Falcons VS Saba Strikers

An undermanned Saba side were up against league leaders Kadmiya under a clear star-filled sky. The game kicked off with Kadmiya holding all the possession and got their first breakthrough after a nice strike from the potential Rookie of the year candidate Mujeeb Sanjer.


JSA WEEK 4: Nobody loves Raymond

JSA-2011-Week4Manama Titans VS Saba Strikers

It’s always sad when a referee takes over a game and this was the case when these two squads faced-off. There were a total of 5 yellow cards and 2 reds (which upon league review have been lowered to a yellow). The actual game became a sideshow of what turned out to be one of the most poorly officiated games.

We caught up with Aqil Najafi who had this to say:


Saturday 25th June Game Cancelled

JSA-2011-More-DelaysWe have just been advised by Richmond Hill- "All Soccer Fields will be closed Friday Saturday."

So we asked: "We have David Hamilton for Saturday evening. Are the fields even closed in the evening of that day?"


Control Your Anger…Control The Game

JSA-2011-Control-your-anger‘I have never heard so much swearing from players in your league before’…such was the impression left upon the confused mind of a referee during a weekend JSA showdown. He was not the only one witness to this verbal abuse. Women and children from the sidelines too were witness to this and much more.


JSA Boys vs. Men 2011

jsa-special-events-boysvsmenDue to the sucess of last years event, we are hosting a Boys vs. Men game this Saturday July 2nd. All are invited to attend and view the the same beating the Men provided the Boys last year.


2011 Major Injury Report


Many of you already heard of the accident/injury that took place last weekend (click here to read article). As an update, Captain of Misan Stallions' Mohamedraza Khaki (C) recently came out of surgery and is in recovery. He wanted to share his sentiments with all of us...


Suepensions Week of 25th June

Carded Players Captain Imran Virji of AHWAZ Griffins (2 yellows in 2 game) and Karim Bardai of the ESFAHAN Lions (Straight Red in a single game) will miss their games on Sunday 26th of June, 2011.

Karim Bardai is to serve a 2 match suspension for receiving a straight Red card during his game against Ahwaz Griffins.


2011 Week 3


This week was full of surprises as Ahed lost their perfect record (although they were missing many key players), the first red card was handed out (for a player laying the smackdown), Manama continued their unlucky streak (hitting the post several times and being unable to score)...


2011 Season Begins


Before the first games were kicked-off our field reporters got a chance to talk to the JSA commissioner in regards to the recent game delays. When he was asked about the rumours that the games were postponed due to his preparations for the rapture the commissioner simply said “I never left, why people would think it’s my second coming?”


2011 Week 2


Here is what happend in the second week...


No Games for Week 2

JSA-2011-More-DelaysYet again we have had cancellations towards the fields for this weekend.

Here is what the city have to say...


Saturday May28 Game Cancelled!

JSA-2011-Saturday28May-CancelledShort and painful...

"All the Fields are Closed this Weekend. Please ensure that the Teams in your Organization do not use the soccer Feilds."

Community Services - Richmond Hill


Cancelled, Cancelled, Cancelled!

JSA-2011-28Weekend-CancelledReally? Whats going on?

We have no comments - just read below...



June 4 Weekend Games are On!

JSA-2011-June4-GameOnWe are playing this Saturday and Sunday (June 4th and 5th) onwards. The weather has been coperative and the city has managed to clear the fields, cut the grass and setup the fields for us.


A Bright & Sunny Start to the Season

JSA-2011-Bright-Sunny-StartMay 15th, 2011 - As the sun blared down at a cool 22 degrees celsius while the slight breeze graced the well cut grass on Sunday morning all the teams looked forward to their kick-off times...


JSA 2011 Season to Start Soon

jsa-article-images-wide-2011-season-mayA multitude of anxious players have been pummeling their captains with questions of when the JSA season would begin. The answer isn't that simple as we have been awaiting last minute cancellations and the city's refusal to begin playing on thier fields. Here is what they have to say:


Under 7 Community Soccer

Here's some interesting news- A group from our community is hosting an U7 boys soccer camp/session that will start on April 17th each Sunday from 6-7pm. Spots are filling up fast. Those with children may be interest so take a look at the flyer below to get more information.


TRADE: Manama Titans & Ansar Wolves

Trade  Talks(Manama Titans)Logo-Manama-Titans(Ansar Wolves)Logo-Ansar-Wolves
Players: Shan Sardar, Hussein Nazarali and Muhammed Hassan Rashid FOR Hassanain Mamdani, Aqil Najafi and Mohamed Bhimani.

After the much anticipated draft came to an end, some captains had a smile on their face as they felt they had selected the best team to grace the pitch.


Follow the JSA Draft on Twitter

Follow the JSA Soccer Draft on Twitter
JSA Soccer has joined the Twitter revolution, the official JSA Soccer Twitter account is @jsasoccer.
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The 2011 JSA Soccer draft will be the first ever live Twitter JSA Soccer event.

JSA-article-images-wide-TwitterJSA Soccer has joined the Twitter revolution, the official JSA Soccer Twitter account is @jsasoccer

Follow @jsasoccer for real time draft news, transfers information, results and more throughout the 2011 season.


Memories of 2010

JSA-article-images-2010-picsWhat could be better than showcasing snippets of the 2010 season with pictures. Many members have requested to see images of themselves or others and we thought this would be the best time to generate some interest in the site by finally presenting the images.


2010 Awards


Last season saw the introduction of a new set of trophies and awards. The images and names of all the 2010 team and individual award winners have been updated.


2016 JR. Season Table

Team Played Points
1 MISAN JR. Stallions 9 21
2 KADMIYA JR. Falcons 9 21
3 ESFAHAN JR. Lions 9 6
4 ANSAR JR. Wolves 9 6

2016 JR. Next Matches