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JSA Week 6 Update


JSA Gameweek 6

Kadmiya 2 – 5 Misan Stallions

A game of thrones this was as the Sanjer family lined up against the Janmohameds, Mujeeb sporting a Joffrey Lannister look, i.e. the wannabe king with no beard. The game started with 2 quickfire goals from Misan, Qilo Najafi finally making an appearance and scoring a well-deserved brace. Sajad Sanjer pulled one back to breathe some life into Kadmiya, only for Abbas Rustom to make it 3-1. Things heated up when Adil Champsi and Hasanainali Walli began a catfight, only to both be pushed out the way when AlHusein Hussin, apparently recovering from the Red Wedding episode of Game of thrones he had watched the other night, turned into the Hulk, his green jersey complimenting his character.


2013 Suspension for Week 6

carded-players2 yellow cards in Saturday's game which resulted in a red card; Hussein Al Hussein of Kadmiya Falcons will miss his game on Sunday 16th June 2013.


2013 trade: Saba Strikers and Ahed Spartans

Trade  TalksLogo-Saba-Strikers(Saba Strikers)Logo-Ahed-Spartans(Ahed Spartans) Players: Imran Najarali for Nabeel Jafferali.

Not much to say here.... Captain of Ahed Spartans, Feroz Mir is at it again! oh when will the trades end?


JSA Week 4 Update

2013-JSA-Week-4Kadmiya Falcons 2 - 1 Esfahan Lions

Esfahan are getting a reputation of being dirtier than an R-rated movie. This weekend saw them collect 2 red cards, the first coming during the night game where Mehboob "Tony" Alidina was enraged with the referee after the game and proceeded to put him in a head-lock and then give him the rock bottom.

Esfahan were able to take the lead after a brilliant solo run by Muhammad Kara. They held on for the first half but then the dynamic Sanjer duo were able to once again revive the Flacons but netting a goal each.


2013 Suspension for Week 5

carded-players2 yellow cards in Sunday's game which resulted in a red card; Habib-Ali Jafer of Esfahan Lions will miss his game on Sunday 9th June 2013.

A straight red 5 minutes after his game for absuive and insulting language towards the referee (Law 5 - Powers & Duties of the Referee) lands Mehboob Alidina a 1 game suspension for Sunday 9th June 2013.


JSA Week 3 Update

2013-JSA-Week-3Esfahan Lions 1 – 3 Ahwaz Griffins

As Griffins keeper Ali Laj suffered from multiple injuries, they started surprisingly with a rather nervous Abdul Champsi in goal, who was still suffering from heartbreak at the Umoja games semifinals. Esfahan, meanwhile, were missing key players Mazaher Rajani and Habib-Ali Jaffer, whose nickname “Habs” led to confusion about his Canadian origins. (He’s not actually from Montreal)


2013 Suspension for Week 4

carded-players2 yellow cards in Sunday's game which resulted in a red card; Taha Ali of Saba Strikers will miss his game on Sunday 2nd June 2013.


JSA Week 2: JSA 1 - 0 Nature

2013-JSA-Week-2Mr. Harold Hussein told us that it was going to be cold but nobody anticipated just how cold it would be. Prior to kick-off field officials had to clear the field of a family of polar bears who had built a shelter, some say they were there for the free coke!


Game 1: Misan Stallions VS Kadmiya Falcons (Night game)
Bookies had this game at almost even odds as it featured two of the youngest teams, however Kadmiya quickly found out that playing an offside trap at the half way line wasn't a good idea.


2013 trade: Esfahan Lions and Ahed Spartans

Trade  TalksLogo-Esfahan-Lions(Esfahan Lions)Logo-Ahed-Spartans(Ahed Spartans) Players: Azeem Amir and Kumail Khalfan for Sajjad Najarali and Taha Jaffer.

Second trade of the season involving 4 players has taken place involving; yet again, Ahed Spartans. At this rate the entire Spartan squad will be traded...

Muzamil Hemani, captain of the Esfahan Lions, was quoted saying: "I need help in the front and Sajjad... he gets most of his goals with the ball!". Meanwhile Feroz Mir only had a few words: "I did this for Shani Kara. If you don't believe you can win, there is no point in getting out of bed at the end of the day."


JSA 2013 Season Starts

2013-season-startsThe highly anticipated 2013 JSA season kicked-off in sublime fashion as there were a total of 22 goals, 3 yellow cards and 1 fan dismissal.

The first game had Saba Strikers facing off against Misan Stallions.


Prior to the game we caught up with Saba captain – Hasanain Abbas and were able to ask him a few questions regarding drafting of some of the younger players in the league.


2013 TRADE: Ahed Spartans & Kadmiya Falcons

Trade  TalksLogo-Ahed-Spartans(Ahed Spartans)Logo-Kadmiya-Falcons(Kadmiya Falcons) Players: Muhammad Kermalli, Alihusein Husin and Jaffarali Abdallah for Hassanain mamdani, Sajjad Najarali and Hassan Raza.

First trade of the season involving 6 players has taken place; and its a good thing it was done before the team player kits were ordered!

"My dream is to play at the top level and to achieve my ambitions but it's all about atire and the look, so when you get to the top of the league table you are ready to strut your goods," Muhammad Kermalli explained to reporters.


JSA 2013 Draft

2013-JSA-draftThe 2013 JSA draft was held on Tuesday March 26th at a secret location in Markham near the Woodbine and 14th avenue area.

The tension in the air was palpable and the captains slowly began making their way into the situation room. First time captains Mujeeb Sanjer, Feroz Mir, and Muzamil ‘Mikey’ Hemani all proceeded with trepidation as they knew the next two hours would be the most important in their fledgling JSA careers. Veteran captains such as Imran Virji, Mo Imran Amirali, Shan Sardar and Hasnain Abbas had seen it all before.